IT Outsourcing

IT audit. Analysis and assessment of the efficiency and security of an information (computer) system. Broadly speaking, just like any assessment, it will show any problems and imperfections in the operation of an IT system, will provide an objective idea about its condition, and most importantly, you will receive recommendations on eliminating any problems and optimizing the IT infrastructure.

Software audit. Examination of all licensing documentation, completeness and compliance with the legislative basis is really valuable and important. The abundance of manufacturers with their programme policies, constantly updating legislative and legal basis, which prescribes its laws, and many other details that may seem unimportant can ruin an initially favourable picture. Software audit is a serious field that requires constant improvement of skills, development and updating of knowledge. When you trust software audit to us, you trust it to the professionals. 

IT building. Modern development of the market and growth of competition dictate a fast reaction to all the business-related processes, a high level of IT system optimization, and a rational view on the management of the complete computer infrastructure. Simply speaking, all the computer system processes need to be optimized, all the data needs to be secured well, the complete system needs to be optimized and must perform any given tasks. This is only possible with competent IT building.

We are ready to offer our clients a design and maintenance of a computer system, which will comply with all your business tasks. Our priority is the understanding of what you would like to have and what you really need, which is why we have to take everything into account, including document circulation, accounting, remote work options, and the operation of the servers.