Access and Security

Aliada Group offers complex and universal solutions for the installation of access control and video surveillance systems for all business fields.

  • Monitoring all the premises
  • Monitoring construction sites
  • Monitoring company employees
  • Security for visitors
  • Prevention of goods and money theft
  • Ensuring office security twenty-four hours a day

Aliada Group offers its customers professional network-based access control and management systems, which ensure the solution of all the tasks involving access control, recording of vehicles and working hours, staff management of a modern company using an IT infrastructure.

Video surveillance. Aliada Group delivers solutions of world-leading video surveillance system manufacturers Hikvision and Dahua.
The equipment of Asian manufacturers is highly reliable, supports all the functions necessary for modern systems and allows building security systems that meet the highest demands.

Access control and video surveillance selection and installation services:
  • Professional consulting on selecting an optimal system
  • Design and coordination of a project solution according to the client’s needs
  • Selection and supply of the necessary equipment according to an approved project
  • System installation, setup and launching, providing training on the usage in